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neat connection!

I'm always reading on sites like Lostpedia about various connections between the actors' previous projects and their roles on Lost, but this isn't one I've seen mentioned.

Cut for any who haven't seen last night's epCollapse )

What do you guys think??

Charlie Interview

I found an interview with Dominic Monaghan about the death of Charlie, and I thought you guys might be interested!


The producers/writers of the show also talk about the decision to kill Charlie.

Forgotten characters

I was just thinking about all the characters that are dead or gone now since the series started. Characters I didn't like and don't care if they are gone. Like Boone and his sister (I can't even remember her name). And then I was thinking about my favorite characters that are dead, like Charlie (poor Charlie) And then I was thinking about how my favorite characters have changed since the series have started due to how they have grown during the series.

My favorite character that is gone now is Charlie. I appreciated his strength in dealing with his addiction, and how much he grew as a character. And just cause he is Dominic Monaghan. Yay Merry! XD
I used to like Locke too, but I don't anymore because he has gotten quite strange. And scary.

My current favorites are Hurley and Sayid. I like Hurley because he means so well, and is just trying to help, but things go wrong for him. I really appreciate that Sawyer is starting to be nicer to him. I think because Sawyer sees how genuine Hurley is, and how he just wants to help out. I like Sayid because he is such a badass! Even though he has a questionable past and future, he is still so cool. I think that he means well, but circumstances don't let his good side show very often.

So, the purpose of this post is to discuss past and current favorite characters! Let me know who you liked, and who you like now!

Nicknames By Sawyer

Have Sawyer give you a nick name Mine was "Third Degree" lol 


I made this community for the Losties to talk LOST.. Feel free to post, discuss, ask questions etc. because WE are the Lost ones when it comes to LOST lol.. 

The header is of Syndey closest thing I could find so far but hope to get a LOST header soon! :)


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