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Wowie Wowie Wowie!!


Ok so Im running behind, I just watched Lost tonight so forgive me for not answering any posts till now..
What a trip! I have said from the begining I wondered if the island was some kind of time warp, and Lo and behold! IT IS!!! Wow!! how freakin cool is this show you guys?

I think Penny's dad was buying that book to research the island with penny to find desmond! (Did you catch the black rock boat refrence?)

So now I have some questions: 

  1. So is Desmond one of the 6? He was warping to the past when everything has been in the future lately, man my head is spinning lol
  2. Are you starting to get a sense for what Dharma was doing there? Maybe.. lol
  3. If Penny didnt know about the boat then why did that guy say they were getting calls from her?

Discuss!! :)
Man what a trip this show is!!


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Mar. 3rd, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
That ep seriously made me soooooooooo happy. Also, my boyfriend and I can't be the only ones who cried at the end :)

1)I doubt Des is one of the 6, unless he, like, took someone else's identity for some reason. I can't imagine the 6 including anyone who wasn't on the plane... but I think they'll screw with us by getting us to think only 6ppl got off the island, just because there were only "6 survivors of Oceanic 815" - I bet there'll be at least a couple of non-flight folks who get off the island (well, obviously Ben, but besides him... ones the public knows about.)

2)Zuh, not really! :) I get all the whole Vanizetti(sp?) equation crap, and trying to extend the lifespan of humanity, but I Think it's more than that.

3)I DON'T KNOW!?! That's a good question. Maybe *after* she talked to Charlie, she checked what boats were in the area, and found them that way??

About Penny's Dad... I think Widmore has a LOT more to do with the island than just Des. After all, he bought the diary before Desmond was even on the island! A lot of people seem to think that he engineered things to make Des go to the island; some folks think it's because he was trying to get him away from Penny... but the way he was being so damn nice this ep makes me think something else. I think that Penny has some special skill, or ability, or perhaps just incredible determination, such that Widmore knew if he hid something Penny REALLY wanted on the island, she'd eventually find it. I think he wants it for his own purposes, but can't find it, so he needs Penny to find it, so he tricks her into looking for it, by tricking Desmond into going there. THAT's why he's keen to have Des reconnect with Penny in this ep!
Mar. 3rd, 2008 05:52 pm (UTC)
Whoa, that is a lot more in depth than I had thought!

I figured that since Mr. Widmore bought the journal, he would know about the island, therefore Penny would also know. That would be how she could find the island and rescue Desmond. Perhaps Mr. Widmore has some other reasons for trying to find the island, but during Desmond's flashbacks, he wasn't yet on the island when Mr. Widmore bought the book, so why would he want Penny to find Desmond?

I don't know! It is all slightly confusing.

Also, I don't think we should count Ben as one of the six. It is possible that they counted a survivor who wasn't on the plane as one of the six, but I don't think Ben would have gotten rescued. He is too smart for that. I think he got off the island on his own, and perhaps goes back once in a while too. Cause he is sneaky like that.
Mar. 4th, 2008 07:00 pm (UTC)
oooo Good points about Ben, I bet your right.. He is a little snake!

Slightly confusing?? lol Its ALOT confusing
Mar. 4th, 2008 06:58 pm (UTC)
O no I cired too! lol

Thats true I always forget that not everyone was on the plane! lol Im sure others will get off that werent on the plane though, Maybe Ben's daughter and her BF?

GOOD POINT! I didnt think of that, Thats probably WHY Penny strated radioing the boat was because of Charlie, Now the question is, WHY werent they allowed to answer?

I agree about Widmore hes up to no good!
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