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Feb. 2

Is anyone else getting excited? I know I am!


Hey guys, we got another Lostie in the bunch Welcome Jes!! 
Can't wait for the season to get started again!! WHOOHOO


Well I havent posted about lost last couple episodes, and don't really have the time right this min. but I wanted to share this intresting thing my hubby man found: 

Thought you might wanna check it out :)

RIP - Peeps of Lost

Rest in Peace as more Lost peoples die!!! Good grief, will there be anyone left when all is said and done?
Ben Ben... what a dangerous game we play, do you feel good knowing you killed your daughter (yup Charles was right, YOU killed her) and right before she died she heard the words "shes not my daughter shes a pawn I could care less about her?" Ug... heart breaking! 

I guess we now know how Syede (sp? Im tired! lol) became partners with the evil Ben.. 

So much more to say but Egads Im tired. Tell me what you thought of this weeks episode!

I'm ready

Ok, I'm ready to see some more lost how about you guys? Where the heck has it been?!  
Im having withdraws here hello!!

Lost.. The Movie!

Ok so here is what I think they should do after the show is over!
Make Lost the movie, with everything in  correct order no flast backs, time line intact from start to finish! I would SO Go see it! I bet we would catch things that we didnt catch in the show!


Well I finally got around to watching tonight (Man I love DVR)
Did they totally trick us or what? Making me think Jin was on his way to see his baby being born. Now Im curious how he died,  I was crying like a baby :(  Poor Jin!
And You were right! It was Michael! I'm surprised he agreed to go on that ship! Wow!!
and omg.. staging an ariline crash with over 300 dead bodies?! Only freakin Ben could pull that off!!
Man every week it just gets crazier!!! BUT I LOVE IT!!! 

Gettin that Vibe?

Am I the only one here that gets this whole "Lord of the flies" vibe? lol Honestly, think about it, you had to have read Lord of the flies in school, and lost is so much like it! Wrecked on a lost island, Creepy stuff happening, trying to catch wild boar, the clan split into 2 groups, killing each other etc. the whole thing.. kinda funny :)



Ok So wow! once again I thought I was starting to see the big picture and WHAM I was wrong lol.. First, So it IS Whitmore who wants the island and it IS his boat, which would make sense as to why they werent allowed to answer Pennys calls! Then, I THOUGHT they were going to gas the island kill everyone off so Whitmore could take it over easily.. but noooo they were shutting it all down so Ben couldnt gas everyone, So what the hell IS their intent?! 

LOL I love Watching Sawyer when he saw Ben walk out like he owned the place "see you at dinner" Sawyer had a total look of WTF on his face lol

Im dissapointed we didnt get to see if John actually let Clair talk to Miles or not, And its funny She was talking about them being "hostile" Well ya, Guess what chickie YOU are the "others" now arent you? Shouldnt have gone with John (The new Ben)

I wonder who Ben has on the boat? Next week is going to be crazy! whoooooooooooo!!!!!

Wowie Wowie Wowie!!


Ok so Im running behind, I just watched Lost tonight so forgive me for not answering any posts till now..
What a trip! I have said from the begining I wondered if the island was some kind of time warp, and Lo and behold! IT IS!!! Wow!! how freakin cool is this show you guys?

I think Penny's dad was buying that book to research the island with penny to find desmond! (Did you catch the black rock boat refrence?)

So now I have some questions: 

  1. So is Desmond one of the 6? He was warping to the past when everything has been in the future lately, man my head is spinning lol
  2. Are you starting to get a sense for what Dharma was doing there? Maybe.. lol
  3. If Penny didnt know about the boat then why did that guy say they were getting calls from her?

Discuss!! :)
Man what a trip this show is!!